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Sodium Percarbonate Pure
Sodium Percarbonate Pure

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Sodium Percarbonate Pure

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Sodium Percarbonate is a fantastic Powdered cleaner. Used by the home brewers for cleaning and sanitizing of beer bottles, tubes and fermentors. It is eco Friendly and the only byproduct of Sodium Percarbonate is Soda Ash which is non toxic and safe.


This product is so versitile it can be used in our daily life, from cleaning our floors, cleaing our work areas as well as a sanitizer


It breaks down to oxygen, water, sodium carbonate (aka Soda Ash) in your wash water.

Once activated in water it will last up to 6 hours, it becomes oxygen bleach. Not hazardous like chlorine bleach, that containts Sodium Hypoclorite, that can strip colours from materials.


Sodium Percarbonate is a compond of natural soda crystals and Hydrogen Perioxide. We have to dissolve this powder in water before using. When we dissolve this product in water, it releases oxygen. These oxygen bubbles help to break down dirt particles and germs.

Did you know that this can be used as a natural sanitizer. 

In a cup of hot boiled water add a teaspoon of sodium percarbonate and stir. Let cool slightly then add into a spray bottle and clean door handles, taps, toilet seats. Use with a microfiber cloth or paper towel - which is compostable 

always perform a spot test first. 

This product is not suitable for use with Silk or wool.