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Pure Borax

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Pure Borax

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Borax is an effective, environmentally friendly alternative to harsh chemicals with a wide range of uses around the home.

Borax is one ingredient in our home made cleaning paste as well as our home made washing powder.

It can inhibit mold growth, it will not kill mold, by forming a paste with water and letting it dry on mold spots then sweep off. FOR EFFECTIVE MOLD TREATMENT & REMOVAL PLEASE SPEAK TO A PROFESSIONAL AS SPORES CAN BE DANGEROUS

Is Borax the same as Boric Acid:

Borax is actually the salt of boric acid, which is to say that while the two are related and come from the same mineral, they are different chemically.

For more of an understanding please refer to our reference section

We use Borax in our cleaning paste receipe and our laundry powder receipe.